Wake Up Beauty, It’s Time to Beast!

Do you ever have those mornings when you can’t get out of bed fast enough?

Filled with anxious anticipation of the day ahead and the list of “to-do’s” was growing every second?

That’s exactly the kind of day I’m having. A fine balance between personal needs like getting in a good workout, financial needs like addressing all the COVID19 financial aid forms. (oh my gosh are those things overwhelming!) Tackling financial responsibilities like balancing my budget and paying bills, social needs like posting on my @LeCricketQueen on Instagram, taking care of my two teens and making sure they are getting out of bed to do school work, and tackling the many needs of a new business. Whew. It’s noon and I’m already pooped!

How are you feeling these days? What are you doing to keep your head clear and your spirits high? I for one am a hugger, a people person, a go-out and eat kind of gal. The pit in my gut yearns for a huge dinner party at some local diner filled with good friends and lots and lots of huge hugs! But for now, the social distance running with my team, the workouts with my life partner, the hugs from my teens, the dinners at home… for now that is my new normal.

In some ways, I’m finding this to be very important for all of us. We were all moving fast, maybe too fast. Doing a ton, maybe too much. Is this the earth asking us (forcing us) to take a pause and slow the heck down? Perhaps.

As a family, we are actually spending more time together. We are making better, healthier dinners, we are playing board games (lots of UNO), watching movies, organizing and purging the things we don’t need, talking. My crazy brain is usually moving so fast I can barely pay attention to a conversation if it’s over 5 minutes, now I’m able to listen. REALLY listen for endless amounts of time. AND I’m enjoying it. OK, so I guess if you look at it this way, there are some serious benefits to this crazy time.

I hope you are finding your rainbows and your light. I hope you have someone to hug, someone to talk too. Are you feeling a calmness in your heart? Are you noticing the little buds on the trees that are starting to bloom? Are you going on more walks and planning tasty meals?

If you need a hug, please consider this my way of reaching out to hug you. I would give you a big tight squeeze if I could!

Now it’s time for me to get back to my to-do list. It is indeed time for this beauty-to-beast!




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