How to Cook with Cricket Powder, and Why

The benefits of eating crickets know no bounds, whether it’s to reduce the risk for heart disease or solving global hunger and global warming. Entomophagy (AKA eating bugs) is a pretty new concept here in the United States, while other countries and cultures have been on to the miracle of cricket diets for years. 

However, more recipes and newfound ways of eating bugs outside of frying them on a stick have made the idea of eating crickets a little easier to swallow, such as including Cricket Powder in foods we would normally eat, like protein bars. 

At Harmony Cricket Farm, our mission is to change Americans’ perception of bugs as food. One great way to do that is with tasty solutions we already know and love. Our soon-to-launch cookies, for example, are loaded with cricket protein flour and other thoughtfully-chosen ingredients to provide not only a great tasting cookie, but a cookie packed full of health benefits. After all, who doesn’t love a guilt-free cookie?

Crickets, and in turn cricket powders, packed with rich proteins and nutrients to help boost metabolism, your immune system and are even proven to help with our gut health. Talk about tiny but mighty! Let’s hear it for the cricket!

And there’s even more great news! Crickets are becoming just as accessible as other high-quality proteins. Supermarket chains such as Canada’s Loblaws, recently introduced cricket powder to its President’s Choice line. An increase in access to more health benefits is always a plus in our book!

So, obviously, there’s a lot of reasons to RAVE about crickets. But why give such high praise to cricket powder specifically? Because it’s so easy to add to any recipe.

The mild flavor and fine flour-like texture works perfectly in breads, cookies, muffins…you get the idea. By adding a serving (we recommend 1/4C) to your diet, you also add protein, iron, B12, fiber, potassium and magnesium to your daily dose of goodness. Plus, let’s not forget how good crickets are for the planet! Crickets require so little to get by: less water, less land, less grain to eat, and they give off less harmful gases.

For those interested in cooking with cricket powder, Maynard Kolskog, Certified Research Chef in the Centre for Culinary Innovation at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, suggests first trying cricket powder in baked goods. He personally has had good results with biscotti. 

The mild, slightly roasted flavor pairs well with chocolate and nuts (as we have discovered ourselves at Harmony Cricket Farm). Kolskog instructs to swap out 10% of the flour in your favorite cookie recipe for cricket powder, but we have been using a 25% ratio and have been getting great reviews. I recommend experimenting with your recipes to find your perfect balance.

So, whether it’s chocolate chip banana bread, your favorite cookie recipe, or simply boosting the nutrition in your smoothie, we suggest adding some power-packed, nutrient-rich cricket powder. It’s good for you. It’s good for the planet.

Looking for a savory idea? I’ve included a cricket burger recipe (see below) that’s worth all the effort (yes, there are a lot of ingredients, but they all measure up to a darn good burger).





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