Buggy Eats Around the World

For those not yet familiar with the term “entomophagy,” it’s the word that refers to the practice of eating insects. While this is a relatively new concept in the U.S., it turns out that we […]

Eat Crickets, Help the Planet

The argument is simple: we NEED crickets.  The world’s population is growing at rapid speeds and the climate’s temperature is only getting warmer. That said, what if we told you that crickets are the answer […]

Crickets for Gut Health

I have a “gut” feeling, this might hit home for some of you out there. From helping to build strong bones, to increasing energy for athletes while reducing risk for heart disease, crickets are packed […]

The Health Benefits of Eating Crickets

Even though almost anyone who’s eaten a cricket will tell you they taste like nutty popcorn–and it’s true–I took a more, well, digestible approach with my cricket flour-filled bars, made also with organic oats, almonds, […]

Going for it!

Have you ever wanted to do something so bad that you couldn’t stop thinking about it? But then you somehow talked yourself out of it? Maybe you convinced yourself that you were too busy to […]

I Love to Eat!

It’s true, I do! Who doesn’t? It’s one of life’s greatest experiences. My top 4 necessities in life include: love, the stuff you do when you’re “in love” (wink wink), sleeping, and eating. I also […]

The “Why?” Question

“WHY?”  The journey to learn more about crickets had me asking all sorts of questions. Why are these little critters so good for us? Who’s making protein products with crickets and how do they taste? […]

Crickets? Really?

The first question people ask when I tell them about Harmony Cricket Farm is “WHY CRICKETS?” I completely understand where they are coming from. The past 25 years of my career had absolutely nothing to […]